Which Travel Insurance to choose around the World or on a Long Trip?

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When planning a trip around the world or a long stay abroad, the question of travel insurance inevitably arises, especially since travel insurance may be required to travel to certain countries, such as Cuba. When traveling abroad, for example in Canada or South-East Asia, emergency and repatriation care can quickly cost a fortune. There is nothing worse than being without identity papers or credit cards, far from home, or without luggage at your place of residence. The solution for going on holiday is to take out suitable travel insurance.

Which Travel Insurance to choose around the World or on a Long Trip


What travel insurance choose a long trip?

It is not partner after the accident or theft happened he must take out a travel insurance policy goal before leaving and Even outright before booking Their travel tickets.

Whether prolonged or indefinite trip, a nomadic journey, an adventure trip or a family trip, it concerns everyone. Insurance is one of the most important things to do in the world, and we always hope to have it.

This blog post is a share of our series of products dedicated to our advice to travelers Where We give you all of our tips to buy her plane tickets at the right price goal aussi our tips to Ensure you have THE perfect trip medicine kit. There are also 3 months.


When to take out travel insurance?

Beyond 3 months of travel, it is Strongly Recommended to purchase travel insurance and it is Even mandatory Regardless of the length of stay When starting in Cuba, Russia, China or Algeria. Unexpected events can still be your holiday. And for Cuba and Russia for example, you will receive a visa only when you subscribe travel insurance.


A valid travel insurance worldwide

The company Allianz Global Assistance formerly Mondial Assistance offers just a travel insurance for globetrotters. We wanted to know what was behind. You tell us in comments what you think!

This “Long Stay Travel” insurance is valid worldwide (except for North Korea) and it will be less than 79 years old that will explore our planet at least 2 consecutive months and up to 3 years.


What does travel insurance?

Although the price is significant Obviously an element in the choice of a subscription to a travel insurance policy, be aware of ict happy is the priority in order to Then compare. Here we will summarize the points to remember. Easier to get an idea of warranties and exclusions related to the contract!


The health

Travel insurance “Travel Long Stay” First Brings you the reassurance of an emergency medical coverage in case of illness or injury aim aussi the management of hospitalization and repatriation expenses medical emergency. Reimbursement of medical expenses totaled 300,000 maximum € with a deductible of $ 40 per person, in addition to a primary system of compulsory health insurance. Assistance in case of death is also included.


Personal liability abroad

We are here to support you.
The $ 6 million for tangible and intangible damage $ 60,000 for material and immaterial damages and $ 6 million for all damages with a deductible of $ 100.


Flight of important papers, legal assistance

Travel insurance “Travel Long Stay” includes an “unexpected” support for theft of identity papers, credit cards or transport tickets. If you are robbed of your personal belongings (except in a public place left without monitoring), you can be reimbursed by up to 4000 dollars on receipts.

To Facilitate the procedures for Reimbursement, you are Advised to photograph the equipment and valuables That You take a trip with you and store Them Safely in your mobile is balanced or Even is Google Drive or Dropbox for Them Permanently with you. Same with your medical records and your important papers such as passports.

In case of theft or accident, drop a handrail to the police the next. It is an action that can greatly help you in the process of reimbursing your insurer.

A legal aid is also included in the contract.


Baggage delay

For the loss or deterioration of luggage and personal effects including valuables (goods of a value greater than 250 €) during an air flight, for example, a maximum amount of $4000 maximum is guaranteed. This is a point of the contract to remember because all travel insurance does not cover valuables. The delay in the delivery of baggage to the place of stay is a reason for requesting a cash advance provided that the delay is longer than 24 hours.


Photo and video equipment

The photographic and video equipment is ensured only if the equipment is damaged due to an injury accident. This is the black point of this “Long Stay Travel” insurance.

In the lathing box, all insurance May not cover the so-called valuables, Including cargo, Such As drones Such As Some airlines like Emirates requires. The consequences can be unfortunate. We have paid the price When We found our drone crashed after-a cargo flight with this company were a flight from Denpasar Bali to Paris-Charles de Gaulle last summer on our way home from 3 weeks trip to Bali and Indonesia.

We Said That insurance linked to an international credit card with quite We Bought our plane tickets Would operate. Well, it did not happen. Indeed, as the airline disclaims all liability for the incident, It was thought that it was thought that Well apparently not!

It seems incredible but you read: no compensation is possible. And insurance contract (in the case of a journey of at least 2 consecutive months) there would be no difference. Indeed, some companies like Emirates consider that a drone is a valuable It’s in black and white in their general terms and conditions that we discovered on their website. We had this warned the company of the drone. We even put “FRAGILE” labels. That did not prevent the disaster. Everything was fine yet to go.

The conclusion of the story, if you have a drone, avoid flying with airlines such requirements. You also know that you are not insured on your photo and video equipment, including bunker in the formula with which we speak today.



As we have seen together, travel insurance does not concern the pure field of health and the outcome of medical repatriation goal aussi the theft, loss, and damage of baggage, legal aid or civil responsibility.

We look forward to reading you, know what you think of this travel insurance at Allianz Global Travel for journeys of more than 2 consecutive months and the towers of the world.

You’ll understand that the issue is not a subject to be taken lightly. This is why Allianz Global Travel offers this formula for globetrotters.

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