What to Wear in Winter and Places with Snow?

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With the arrival of the end of the year, there is also a time when many of us prepare to travel and enjoy holidays and holidays between Christmas and New Year.

For those who are traveling to Europe or the United States at the end of the year, depending on the countries or states to be visited, it is important to be prepared to find quite cold or even snow in many cases. For December begins the winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria, part of Germany, Britain, and France can surprise us with enough snow. This is also true in New York and in many northern and midwestern US states.

One of the biggest concerns of our readers and friends who are scheduled to travel is what to wear in very cold and snowy places.

What to Wear in Winter and Places with Snow


What kind of shoes is ideal for winter and snow destinations?

Another important question concerns the type of ideal footwear for this period. Will our boots we use in the winter be warm enough for the European winter? And more importantly, will they “hold” the moisture outside and keep me from slipping and falling?


On my first winter trip to Europe, I had taken only my boots that I also use here in southern Brazil. And both the high and the short had to be put aside and I had to buy an ideal boot for snow in Italy because the boots that I had taken slipped beside leaving my feet wet because the soles were very thin. My husband, who had just taken tennis shoes, also had to buy a suitable boot there, as the sneakers also let the cold pass a lot and his feet were constantly wet.

When I spent Christmas in Orlando and then went to New York and Austin in Texas, although I had not snowed in these places, I also used my snow boots every day because as it is lined in wool and I feel very cold in the feet it kept my feet well warmed.

For our readers who want to prepare in advance, without having to reach their destination and chase after shoes suitable for the cold weather and snow (as we had to do) we will give today the tip of a site that in addition to bespoke and exclusive boots , also works with special snow boots for women, men and children.


The differentials of winter and snow boots

  • 100% genuine leather
  • Waterproofing material
  • Thermal protection
  • High durability
  • High tensile “grippers”
  • Non-slip sole
  • Models lined with natural sheep’s wool
  • High comfort

Some companies have special boots lines for snow and intense cold. Developed in 100% waterproofed genuine leather, which guarantees thermal protection and high durability.

The sole is non-slip and thicker than ordinary boots, which is ideal for extremely cold and snowy environments.

They are comfortable when walking and are safe because of high traction “clutches” that prevent possible falls in snow and ice.

There are several models lined with natural wool of sheep with high thermal insulation or also models lined with synthetic wool of medium thermal insulation, remembering that all the boots are lined from the barrel, foot, and insole of high comfort.

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