What to Pack for a Trip? Tips for Packing

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The biggest and most common mistake of a traveler is to carry exceeds baggage. The budgetary strategy of a trip depends on a large extent on its mobility.

Is The Metro cheaper than a taxi from the airport? If So, you will be inconvenient for yourself and others in the subway with three or four suitcases at your feet. You’ll probably have to take the taxi and pay more.

Are you starting to get the idea? Virtually any budget strategy starts with mobility.

What to Pack for a Trip
What to Pack for a Trip?

There are certainly wheelsd suitcases, and many travelers are strong enough to carry their suitcases wherever they need to go. Capable or not, your trip will not be as enjoyable when you arrive at your cheap accommodation with five flights of narrow stairs in Buenos Aires or Prague for example.

And what time will it save for not having to wait for your luggage on the treadmills? When you begin to cross borders and oceans, the waits are multiplied. Also, the risk of your luggage getting lost and getting out of your control is enormous, have you thought of that?


Tourist appearance

Do you think it’s safe to get to the unknown city with the name “tourist” tattooed on the forehead? In fact, this is what happens when a person has two or three suitcases to “towing”.

For many observers (some of whom have good intentions), to see someone carrying a sternal suitcase, he is surely a newbie and a newcomer to the city. A person with a bag is less likely to be noticed.

There are bandits all over the world who live for this moment. It’s part of their job. You can do it the main target of a pickpocket.

A suitcase is not designed to bring people to think that you are a place. The idea is to perspire confidence and competence as a traveler. Perhaps even more importantly, it is a great strategy for mobility.

No one is suggesting that you save on essential medicines or other health products not available at your destination. Pack the amount you’ll need. But do not treat clothing and photographic equipment like health. Many people (women and men) do exactly that when they start the ritual of packing.


Plan to wash clothes during the trip.

For any trip over a few days, it makes sense, even if you wash some things in the bidet or bathtub. It’s even better the hotel cleans your clothes for a fee than dragging a lot of bulky clothing wherever you go. Give preference to tissues that will quickly and be less wrinkled.


Take one or two color schemes.

Black works with almost anything else. The same for the white or persimmon. Avoid bolder styles that cannot be combined.


Send your clothes home.

If your journey extends through two distinct stations, follow a backpacker tip: send home the heavy clothes. Do the same with bulky purchases. There are people who take clothes they don’t like, and then they throw it away when it gets dirty. Then they buy clothing in stores with promotions to replace the previous ones.


Pack your items in sealed plastic bags.

These occupy little space and serve a variety of necessities, food storage, moist clothing separation or muddy shoes.

Conclusion: The best strategy is to pack everything you need in a suitcase and get on the plane. There is no risk of lost baggage, saves time waiting for baggage and gains a lot of mobility. Do you want more advantages?

Because of terrorism, there are restrictions which can change at some frequency, so check the rules with some frequency.

Do not let the safety guidelines discourage you from taking only one suitcase. The guidelines are there to protect us, and you can minimize the impact by purchasing personal items such as shampoo during your trip.

It is natural that you take more baggage on your first voyage abroad than on your third voyage. But in the times that run, keeping your travel light list is essential. Your efforts will be rewarded with a smoother, safer and more economical journey.

Are you an experienced traveler? Leave a comment with your tips.

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