What is the Largest Lake in the World?

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5. Lake Michigan – 58,000 km²

This is the third largest of the Great Lakes of North America, and the only one that is completely inside the territory of the United States. Lake Michigan is bounded, clockwise, from the south, by the American states of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
Lake Michigan is the largest freshwater lake in the United States, and fifth in the world. The point of greatest depth is at 281 m, and the volume is around 4918 km³ of water.


4. Lake Huron – 59,600 km²

This is the second largest lake in the 5 Great Lakes of North America, and geologically, divides the same body of water with Lake Michigan. It is located between the state of Michigan and the province of Ontario in Canada. The surface of Lake Huron is located at 176 meters of altitude, with a maximum depth of 230 m.


3. Lake Victoria – 68,800 km²

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa, divided between Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, and is the largest tropical lake in the world. It has around 3 thousand islands, many of which are inhabited. This is one of the Great African Lakes, on the elevated plateau in the western region of the Great Rift Valley, East Africa.


2. Lake Superior – 82,100 km²

The second largest lake in the world, the stunning Lake Superior, is located in the United States, in the Great Lakes region of North America. Lake Superior receives water from more than 200 rivers, and also has a national park, with an installation inside one of its islands.


1. Caspian Sea – 371,000 km²

This lake is a leader in this selection, with total 371,000 km², being 4.5 times greater than Lake Superior. The definition of the lake has generated controversy among geologists.
And it is so large that it passes through the territory of total 5 countries, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Iran, and 3 diverse climatic zones. It is defined as a lake because it does not have connections with oceans and does not discharge its waters in another watercourse.

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