The Best Places to Spend the Holidays in Indonesia

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The Best Places to Spend the Holidays in Indonesia – The immense archipelago of Indonesia remains one of the most attractive destinations in the world. From the Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands) to the rice paddies of Bali, breathtaking landscapes are abundant. The country is full of religion, people, and beauty. Stay away from the overpopulated capital of Jakarta and visit the crystal clear green waters, gigantic trees and Komodo Dragons elsewhere.

The Best Places to Spend the Holidays in Indonesia


The Best Places to Spend the Holidays in Indonesia


Jakarta may be the official capital of Indonesia, but Bali is your heart. Explore the silver shops of Ubud, where the jewels are wrapped in newspaper and loaded in plastic bags. The nightclubs of Kuta are great for nighttime electric rides, quiet spas help in the recovery the next day. Amed, Lovina, and Pemuteran are beautiful beach towns that offer a lull in this busy world. In this Hindu region of Indonesia, Ganesh offerings made of fruits and flowers adorn the streets and beaches. Some of the restaurants require a short walk over rice paddies lit with floating lights. Ride on a black sand beach, grab a surfboard or discover ancient temples. The paradisiacal Bali has a little bit of everything.



Adventurers stop in Sumatra, which provides a definite experience off the beaten path, quite different from the tourist culture of Bali. Once known as the land of gold by the gold deposits found there, this great island is home to incredible forests filled with wildlife. Pay attention to orangutans and tigers, search for the highest flower in the world and then look for the largest flower in the world. Experience other thrills while traveling to Mount Kerinci, an active volcano in the Barisan Mountains. The Danau Maninjau is a place of absolute quietness and tranquility, a lake that must be reached through mountains in a lost world. Complete your trip to Pulau Weh, where scuba diving will take you to various terrain underwater.


Baliem Valley

To really infiltrate the inscrutable customs of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, take a trip to the Baliem Valley. In August, the city of Wamena hosts traditional dances, revivals of war and luxury parties. Tourism is limited to this area, and it can be expensive to travel there. The Grand Valley, as it was called by the explorers in the 1930s, offers a path to a place where penis cuticles are still fashionable and the Dani, Yali and Lani tribes maintain ancient agricultural techniques. Staying in Baliem Valley does not necessarily mean that your accommodations will be wild. Baliem Valley Resort is a luxury resort in Bali.

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