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How to Travel with Insulin – For people with diabetes, traveling presents the added challenge of loading the required insulin doses. You may be going to France by plane, to the Caribbean on a cruise or to the rocky mountains by car but the insulin is easy to include in your travel plans.

How to Travel with Insulin


How to Travel with Insulin


  1. Take plenty of insulin. The best advice for diabetics who are traveling is to take enough insulin to last the whole trip and more. Other states and countries may not have the exact type and concentration of insulin you need. Your doctor or pharmacist can help you determine how much insulin you will need during the trip.
  2. Take insulin properly. A medical certificate is ideal for airport security and for emergency situations, but the best thing is to have the pharmacy’s original label on the insulin and the factory labels on your equipment (syringes, lancets, blood glucose meter etc.). If you are traveling by plane, security will always accept prescriptions and equipment properly identified.
  3. Charge insulin and equipment in a firm suitcase. Many suitcases available will store insulin and the tools properly. Better yet, there are slightly more expensive versions that are made so you can control the temperature. You can find hundreds of bags available online or stop at your local pharmacy. Put the insulin somewhere in your bag where you will not be vulnerable to hit, be crushed or open.
  4. Separate supplies into two pockets and always hold them close. If one is lost, you will have at least a little of your insulin in the other. On plane travel, always carry insulin in your carry-on luggage, rather than your checked bag. Temperature variation can seriously damage the supply. For other trips, such as camping, cruising or car trips, be careful and put the insulin in a cool and accessible environment.
  5. Isolate insulin to prevent overheating or becoming too cold. Special insulated bags are made for people with diabetes and can be purchased online, at a medical supply store, at a public pharmacy, or at the hospital/clinic pharmacy.
  6. Take some snacks in your luggage. If you are in a situation where insulin is not available or is not working, a snack can save your life and help others who are trying to help you.

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