How to spend the holidays in Germany spending little

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How to spend the holidays in Germany spending little – It may seem difficult to spend little while vacationing in Germany, but a smart tourist can visit and get to know the country without paying too much. Careful research will help you find the cheapest flights, train tickets, and hostels and thus spend the best and cheapest holidays of your life.

How to spend the holidays in Germany spending little


A low-cost tourist experience in Germany

  1. Get a passport or make sure yours is still valid before you buy a ticket to Germany or any destination in Europe. Brazilian citizens can obtain this document from the Federal Police and, for this, it is necessary to have a proof of citizenship – like a birth certificate – and an identification document, such as the RG or CNH. You will also need two passport photos (5 x 5 cm).
  2. Review a travel guide in a library. If you can renew the loan online, you can even take it to Germany, because you only have to pay if you lose it. Use the book to plan the itinerary and use it or the internet to find cheap hostels. Hotels such as Hostelworld provide their own guides for free consultations, but this type of guide does not help much while waiting at the bus stop, so the paper version is still preferable.
  3. Buy a ticket for the German train system as this transportation is the backbone of any successful tour in the country. If you are 25 years old or younger you can take advantage of discounts for young people. If you are older and accompanied, you can buy a double fare with a higher price. RailEurope sells discounted tickets at about two-thirds of the original ticket price for adults. Enter the number of times you want to take the train during the trip and, if possible, pay for an extra day if there are changes of plans.
  4. Look for the best-priced airline tickets on sites like Hotwire and Sidestep. Last-minute flights to Frankfurt have very low prices in February and March. Hope to get these months and enjoy. But why Frankfurt? It is a cheap destination and an access point for several train lines.
  5. Make bookings at affordable hostels several days in advance. It is not necessary to do all of them before embarking for the country, but at least three days before arriving in each town or village. Make the reservation online to take advantage of the best prices. The sites generally disclose similar prices to each other, all well reduced compared to the bookings made on the property itself.
  6. Pack cheap and good-sized toiletries for your trip in your backpack. Do not forget snacks too; clothes that do not occupy much space and warm enough, like those of high collar; an alarm clock and a flashlight; plus something to spend time on airplanes and trains – MP3 players and poetry books have plenty of content and take up little space. Also bring a camera, a reinforced and versatile coat, and comfortable sneakers. Do not waste space with spare parts or that you will not use.

In the past, hostels used to ask travelers to bring their own bed linen, but that is hardly the case today. Therefore, read the listings of each establishment to inquire about it.

Do not carry too much weight and avoid baggage. You should take it with you on sidewalks, train stations and treacherous staircases of historic sites.


Tips & Warnings

  • Do not wait to ask for your passport: leaving for the last hour can mean paying high rates. Ask for it several months in advance if possible.
  • Always keep your passport, money, and documents in a strap underneath your clothing. Cheap hostels in Germany are relatively safe, but steals occasionally occur.

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