How Tall is Everest in Miles?

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How Tall is Everest in Miles – Even on the school bench, we remember that the highest point of our planet is Everest. Let’s find out exactly where this mountain peak is located, and what interesting facts are connected with it.

How Tall is Everest in Miles


Where is the summit of Everest?

Mount Everest or, as it is otherwise called, Jomolungma is one of the tops of the Himalayan mountain system. It is impossible to name exactly the country where Mount Everest is located since it is located right on the border of Nepal and China. It is believed that its highest peak still belongs to China, or more precisely – to the Autonomous Region of Tibet. At the same time, the steepest slope of the mountain is southern, and Everest itself has the shape of a three-faced pyramid.

Everest was named after an Englishman who made a great contribution to the study of geodesy in this area. The second name – Jomolungma – the mountain received from the Tibetan expression “qomo ma lung,” which means “mother of divine life.” The highest peak on Earth has a third name – Sagarmatha, which is translated from the Nepalese language – “Mother of the Gods”. This confirms that the ancient inhabitants of Tibet and Nepal considered the origin of a mountain so high not only as a manifestation of the higher deity.

As for the summit of Everest, it is exactly 8848 m is the official figure that regulates the height of this mountain above sea level. It also includes glacial deposits, while the height of a purely solid mountain rock reaches a little less – 8844 m.

The first to reach that height was a resident of Novaya Gazeta. E. Hillary and Sherpa (residents of the outskirts of Jomolungma in Nepal) T. Norgay in 1953. Thereafter numerous records of ascents to Everest have established: the most difficult route, climbing without using oxygen cylinders, the maximum length of stay in the top, the age of the youngest (13 years) and the oldest conqueror (80 years) of Everest and others.


How to get to Everest?

Now you know where Everest is located. But getting to it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. First of all, to get to the top of the world, it is necessary, in a literal sense, to register in the queue and wait at least several years. The simplest way to do this is as part of an expedition by one of the specialized commercial companies: they provide the necessary equipment, train and ensure the relative safety of the climbers during the ascent. The Chinese and Nepalese authorities do well in those who wish to conquer Mount Everest: a mountain pass and permission for the subsequent increase will cost the wish of about 60,000 US dollars!

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