5 Tips for Choosing a Hotel during a Trip

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Tips for Choosing a Hotel during a Trip – Visits to tourist spots, gastronomic and cultural experiences, new interactions, shopping, nightlife (or absolute relax), photos and more photos to be remembered. One agrees that all these influences and much in the mathematics that will guarantee the positive balance – or not – of your trip.

But there is one important point that should not be overlooked: the place where you will be staying. After all, it is there that, between one activity and another, you will recharge your energies, rest, make at least one meal, leave the heavy suitcases you have carried, finally.

And let’s agree that, despite all the adrenaline and excitement of a trip, every tourist wants to have shelter, warmth, and quality.

Are you planning a super ride? Be sure to follow our guide and choose, without any problems, the hotel (resort, hostel, hostel, etc) you will stay in.

Tips for Choosing a Hotel during a Trip


Review all services offered

Each one has a list of needs or even pampering you want to count when you check into an establishment and stay. Therefore, when searching all the hotel possibilities of your tourist destination, keep in mind what you are looking for and what you will need.

Do you like some luxury like swimming pools and saunas? Do not forget to send an email to the service of the place asking if they are in full operation. Need to work out? Find out what they offer at the gym. Do you need a hair dryer frequently? Hotels with appliances like this one in the bathroom help even in the practicality to reduce something in the suitcase.

Those who go abroad can check other points, such as local currency exchange at the hotel’s own reception – or partner services – and even plug adapters! After all, no one wants to suffer from the cell phone without battery or to burn some device by careless, does not it?

Also check out services such as breakfast, which vary a lot in the hotel market, and internet connections – for those who live connected.


Make Budgets and Think of Cost-Effectiveness

No matter how much you are willing to pay for a room: the cost-benefit ratio is essential to closing deals. So after checking what each establishment offers, it’s time to look at how much is charged for these services and whether the taxation is compensatory compared to other market options. It’s worth even haggling if need be.

But beware: do not believe in extremely easy offers and prices that are far below those practiced in the industry. Choosing the room you will stay on your trip is not a must-see promotion on Black Friday. Use the reason to analyze the figures that you will have to invest and also analyze ways of paying the daily rates.


Take into account the itinerary you want to follow

We know that one of the amusements of the best trips is to wander around the place visited. But no one wants to spend half the ride in transportation between hotel and tourist spot, right?

So sketch out your map of possible visits during the trip and look for places close to them or with great accessibility of transportation to book a room. Points of bus, taxi, subway station or even bike rental in the vicinity should count on the time of choice.


Look for references

If you warn friend is, anyone who does hotel ratings on industry sites can earn the status of – at least – a great fellow traveler.

And believe me: there are no reviews for hotels/hostels/resorts/hostels on the web. From the comment boxes on the official sites of these establishments to pages on social networks, everything can be a source of research to put in the balance the pros and cons of each accommodation.

Not to mention, of course, web pages specializing in hotel testing collaboratively. This is the case of TripAdvisor, Hotel Urbano and Airbnb (aimed at renting larger spaces such as complete houses).


Do not forget personal details

Are you allergic and suffer from carpeting in the bedroom? Need a safe? All needs must be passed on when making withdrawals for a possible reservation – including those involving accessibility or any issue related to your well-being.

Do not be shy about interacting with hotel representatives and exposing these personal demands. After all, you will travel to relax. Not to find, far from home, old problems. Right?

So, did you like our tips? How about complementing our work by sharing experiences with hotels, criteria that you use when choosing and, of course, your doubts? Leave your comment and take a look at other posts!

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