5 Best Places to Visit in Europe

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Why bother crowds of tourists and exorbitant prices when traveling, when you can choose less known destinations but with charm and attractions as interesting as? Whether for a few days or for a longer season, you’ll see your travel budget yield much more with our list of the best destinations for cheap travel in Europe in 2017.


Bristol, England

Best Places to Visit in Europe

London, that’s nothing! Bristol is leaving its industrial past behind and re-creating itself as the new creative pole of England.

Something that is perceived right away is the love for street art. Through the streets and narrow alleys of the city, on the walls and bridges, graffiti draws the attention of those who pass. One of Bristol’s rebellious sons, the world-famous Banksy, adorned many of the city walls with its characteristic graffiti. Stokes Croft is practically an open-air gallery and a great place to discover the many identities of Bristol.

From the street art, dive straight into the underground music scene of Bristol. The Island, an old police station; the electronic mecca Cosies; and the live Bristol Fringe jazz pub are some of the city’s must-see musical venues where you can hear the best of new English music. And to keep your energy levels high, indulge in Mediterranean delicacies ( Bellita ), try out local innovations ( Bulrush ) or discover new types of pieces of bread ( Hart’s Bakery ), all in one day!


Graz, Austria

Best Places to Visit in Europe

Mix an architectural diversity with experimental art, and you’ll get an idea of what Graz is, Austria’s second largest city. The architecture here ranges from the Renaissance gardens to the baroque palaces and avant-garde buildings. In a stroll through the stone streets of the historic center, you will find beautiful buildings preserved from the 17th and 18th centuries, such as the majestic Landhaus with its courtyard of Renaissance arches; the Haus am Luegg, with its ornate stuccoes; and the Clock Tower, 28 meters high, on the top of Schlossberg hill, which covers the city.

Graz is not only worthy of the grandiose European architecture. The Kunsthaus Graz museum, which looks like a spaceship, and Murinsel, an artificial island that floats on the Mur River, make up the other ultramodern face of the city. With events like Steirischer Herbst, an avant-garde festival that gathers 650 artists, and experimental exhibition centers like the Stadtpark Forum, there will be attractions for all tastes.


Wroclaw, Poland

Best Places to Visit in Europe

Located along the Oder River, Wroclaw (or Wroclaw) consists of 12 islands, 130 bridges, numerous canals and parks. For a brief moment, you will feel in Venice!

With a mixed cultural heritage, the city exhibits gothic, baroque and art-nouveau architecture. The splendid central Rynek square gathers a little of all styles – take a walk there to sight the 13th-century town hall building, and the many mansions with beautiful facades. Also, pay attention to the more than 300 dwarf statues scattered throughout the city – the first appeared in 2001 as part of the anti-communist movement Orange Alternative.

Wroclaw is more than a city with a postcard face – its cultural heart also pulsates strong. Theaters, major festivals, bustling nightlife and good and cheap eating places are just some of the many items to sample from the city’s attractions menu.


Aarhus, Denmark

Best Places to Visit in Europe

Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, and self-titled “the happiest city in the country”, is gaining fame thanks to its cultural attractions and innovative cuisine.

The ARoS art museum houses Denmark’s largest collection of art outside Copenhagen and, thanks to its “panoramic rainbow” – a permanent art facility at the top of the building, created by the Scandinavian artist Olafur Eliasson – is one of the most famous and striking city landscape buildings. There are numerous festivals throughout the year and, to complete, Aarhus will be one of the two European Capitals of Culture in 2017, which is a guarantee of cultural events to move and much the city.

Between a stroll and the other, recharge your energy with delicious meals. Highlight for Michelin-starred restaurants in the areas of Frederikshøj, Substans and GastromĂ© – a must for fans of fine dining.


Funchal, Portugal

Best Places to Visit in Europe

The capital of Madeira Island, Funchal became a settlement in the 15th century and, over time, has transformed itself from a small port city infested by pirates into a thriving commercial center and an important stop for the caravels. The Madeira Story Center maps the turbulent history of Funchal through multimedia exhibitions, including aromatic recreations of certain environments.

History and art are found in the oldest district of the city, the Old Town, where the doors of the old residences were painted by several artists as part of an initiative to revive the previously deteriorated area.

Residents often find themselves in the beautiful art-deco hall that houses the Farmers’ Market, where farmers from neighboring villages offer fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and seafood every week. Do not forget to taste the fruit of the earl, the figs and the banana-nanica.

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