10 Tips for Traveling with Babies and Children

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Tips for Traveling with Babies and Children – The long-awaited July vacation is coming, that short break in the children’s classes but very important to recharge the energies and start the second semester with full force.

Some parents can not enjoy this period with their children because they work. But for those who are already starting to pack, it is important to organize and plan not to compromise the fun of the trip.

Before you set foot on the road, check out the checklist we made to help you when preparing your family’s suitcase.

Tips for Traveling with Babies


1- Vacation Planning

Once you’ve decided on the destination of your trip, start researching where to stay.

Hotels, hostels, hostels/hostels and for those who will stay more days or have a big family, a great suggestion is the apartment rental by season.

It is important to check some items before closing the hosting:

Confirm that the place accepts children; if you have breakfast included in the rates; the localization; if you have a baby’s crib or canopy (if you go with babies who still need this care) – and if you do not, ask if you can use the hotel kitchen; if the room had carpet/carpet; if you have wi-fi; if you have some leisure structure (which helps a lot when it comes to distracting children, but it may be unnecessary if you plan to spend all day outside); search other hotel reviews or hostels in travel blogs or reference sites like Trip Advisor; if interested, ask if the hotel offers airport/bus transfer; check the check-in and check-out times (check-in and check-out).


2- Necessary vacation documentation

The documents must be up to date for travel. Depending on the destination, only the birth certificate is sufficient.

But if you are traveling abroad, you need a passport.

The current model is not affiliated, so it is better to prevent and carry another child’s identity document.

For those who travel with only one parent, you must have a notarized signature authorization in your hands.

For more information, see the manual on the Federal Police website.


3- Pharmacy kit

Unforeseen can always happen and it is always good to be forewarned. Before traveling, consult your child’s pediatrician for directions.

But it is always important to have in your bag: medicines for fever and nausea, thermometer and, in some cases, insect repellent.


4- Fun kit – which toys to carry on the trip?

When traveling with children, it is always good to have several options to distract them during the course.

New toys are interesting just because they are new.

But it is also important to take the favorite and familiar toys of our children.

If you are traveling by plane, one tip is to avoid toys with sound so as not to disturb other passengers.

Books and a portable DVD are also great alternatives to the time of fun.

Good old crayons and a coloring book are also good for kids.

For those who can afford to give up the electronic games, there is the card game Uno and even a simple sheet of paper to play gallows, naval battle, adedanha, and the game of the old.


5- For bath time

When traveling with babies, it is interesting to bring the own bath, which can be that model inflatable or even a swimming pool.

I always recommend taking a portable air pump together because it makes it easier and more time to fill.

Little toys, suitable for bathing, cannot be missed either.


6- Safety

An item that does not take up space but can save a headache when traveling with baby explorers are the protectors of an outlet.

Many hotels have sockets within easy reach of the children’s curious hands, and carrying a few plug protectors can ensure a little peace and security while walking.


7- Hygiene kit

To optimize the space in the bag, take the hygiene items in compact packaging.

Nowadays it is very easy to find these items at beauty product stores, some of them already come up with ID tags.


8- Feeding of babies

If you are going to take a baby on the trip, a few tips can help you get organized better.

Take the milk powder already separated in the milk holder; makes it easy to prepare the bottle and saves space.

Carry a small plastic container; it can serve to separate some fruits from breakfast for a small snack before lunch. Disposable bibs are also great for travel.

Make a small kit with the cleaning brush to clean the bottle and a small container with neutral detergent, so you can wash everything in the hotel room.

A small sponge to wash your baby’s items can also be helpful.


9- Accessories for cold or hot weather

If the trip is to heat destinations:

If you are traveling to enjoy beach or pool, do not forget the sunscreen and hat.

For babies, do not forget your own diapers to use in the water.

Inflatable buoy, swimming pool, and toys cannot be missing.

For after the beach, do not forget: towel, change of clothes and ordinary diapers.

If the trip is too cold destinations:

If you’re going to enjoy the cool of July holidays, do not forget a good coat, gloves, caps, socks, sunscreen, and lipstick.

If your child still uses baby strollers, a great tip is to take the cart’s raincoat as well as the rain, it also helps protect from the wind.


10- Good mood

Last but not least: patience, gaming and good humor! Do not let anything get in the way of what you’ve planned for so long.

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